BROOKHAVEN is an investment management and technology company.  Our mission is to deploy capital to fuel growth, drive innovation, and achieve market-leading returns for our clients (pensions, endowments, foundations, banks, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and individuals).



To us, integrity is more than upholding or providing an ethical code of conduct to our employees. It’s about staying true to who we are, being open and straight-forward, and making it right when things go wrong. Integrity is about taking actions based on values rather than personal gain. It’s established through our day-to-day actions and how we treat our investors, employees, and business partners.


We play to win and aspire to be best. When we win in the markets, our investors thrive and grow, our employees get more opportunities, and we can do more for our communities. While we cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results, we can promise to perform at our very best and to win with integrity. No team wins every game and no firm profits on every position. When we face challenges, we owe it to ourselves and our investors to think retrospectively about our positions, identify root causes, and take swift action. We will win through discipline and persistence.


Success ultimately comes down to people and culture. We know that creating a winning culture requires hard work and teams don’t win because they are anointed, have the best equipment, or even a star player. They win because they play with passion, work well together, execute consistently, and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

These are our principles and act as our foundation. They are supported by a set of core values that guide our operations and decision-making. We wanted to share these so that you may get a better sense of who we are and how we operate.


  1. Always look for ways to better serve client needs & make it easier for them to do business with us
  2. Seek to apply the best ideas available because no company has a monopoly on great ideas
  3. See change as opportunity for growth and development
  4. Use the best tools available
  5. Everything we do should be systematic, process-driven, and verifiable
  6. Operate and stay in an area we understand
  7. We are willing to fail, learn, and move forward
  8. Do not let failure stop innovation and progress
  9. Be open to changing our point-of-view based on evidence
  10. Invest in building world-class capabilities and infrastructure
  11. All operations must be fast, scalable, and agile
  12. Act without boundaries and avoid organizational silos
  13. Resist and eliminate bureaucracy, wherever it may appear
  14. Stay lean and fight unnecessary costs
  15. Work to improve the state of the world and our communities