BROOKHAVEN is a global investment firm that manages assets on behalf of institutional clients and accredited investors. Our firm is built on a foundation of professional integrity, intellectual curiosity, team collaboration, and shareholder value.  We uphold these core values across our investment approach, risk management process, market behavior, and internal operations.


We believe in continuous improvement and are consistently looking for ways to improve investment performance and internal operations.  We generate investment ideas through independent research, validate them with industry experts, and execute using a risk-based approach.  We invest in our people, processes, and platforms in order to minimize investment risk and improve operational effectiveness.


Our success depends on our ability to serve our client’s needs and deliver results.  We focus on our core competencies as we seek to deliver positive returns and protect our client’s assets.  We have established incentive structures that align our interests with those of our partners.


We believe that our firm’s success is tied to the well-being of the communities in which we live, work, and invest.  We dedicate our time, resource, and effort to causes that are important to us and our partners.