We manage capital on behalf our investors and seek the most promising investment opportunities.  We pursue high absolute returns for the funds that we manage and target long-term capital appreciation across various market conditions.  We seek to increase the intrinsic value of our investments by allocating capital to what we believe to be the right resources.

We take a fact-based and research-driven approach to investing in markets, industries, sectors, and companies that we understand.   Our strategy may vary based on the Fund but we bring the same rigor, long-term view, and risk management discipline to all investment capital under our management.  In our discretionary strategies, we invest in companies that have a strategic advantage.  In our quantitative strategies, we invest in methods that have been thoroughly validated.

We believe in the partnership model.  We aspire to be as transparent as possible by sharing not only investment successes but also our investment failures.   We believe transparency produces improved long-term investment performance.